The Blue Rose


A lovely lounge suite was kindly donated to Alfred Rd recently – the “Blue Rose.”  Here are some locals, unwinding after a long day.  Note the beautiful plant life in the foreground, so thoughtfully bedecked with some items from modern life: bread wrappers, chip packets, maybe even a nappy if you’re lucky. Relax and sink back into the scenery.

It all came apart at the seamz quite quickly though…


Mr Blobz wondered whether the fabric had not been culled by some amputees, desperate for novel bandages. Mr Blobz himself was of a mind to burn the ample woodwork, but it seemed like he might put his handsome shoulder out trying to extract the timber. There are quicker pavement forests to cull anyway.

Mr Blobz noted with trepidation some legsome neighbour paying two very soused and confident opportunists to haul the Blue Rose away… This is where she ended up, after thousands of farts had rendered her fabric to shreds, hundreds of grubby chicken-fat fingers had her way with her. She’s feeling blue, doesn’t know what to do…


3 thoughts on “The Blue Rose

  1. poor poor blue rose…what a sad beautiful story…dude, am loving your posts, and agree wholeheartedly with others – it makes one realise to take the long way home, look at things (the gutters, the stars, the road, the bars) in more close-up detail. more please…keep ‘em comin’…

  2. Thank you for your comment Bobli… Do you miss the Rose? Even if you do, at least we know that there will be a constant stream of mattresses, armchairs, scatter cushions etc. to make us feel at home here…

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