My eye was haywire with this orangeness on the road nearby.

Is there is some turmeric involved here? Foul play from mustard seed? White rice is conspicuous by her absence.

Perhaps a disgruntled pumpkin? Raised in terror, artificially fertilised and pumped with drugs, cut away from itself, loaded and trucked to a Fridge ‘n Aisle or Green Abbatoir.

Mr Blobz sees this orange splodge as the remains of a massive avian meal.

What is the most plausible origin of this remarkable splat?

Mr Blobz would like to know…

One thought on “Toss-by

  1. Sounds like you’ve seen Avatar. Giant birds indeed. No its definitely one of your heartless shopper from Fruit and Veg city. I’m also one. God to see Mr Obs steps out now and again, though I can imagine he’s not too inspired to after seeing that.

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