Unbelievably Good

Sometimes street art is to be found in the most unexpected places…


This place on Cnr. Milton/Lower Main (with sorry septic tenants, except for The Model-T Liquors) hosts this unrulily (you read it here Blobzters) fine ass:emblem:age> of suburban angstation: a chromatose dream.


fluxstration and smashed rent-a-rent, Oh Beautiful Observatory, all that she’s cracked up to be!

2 thoughts on “Unbelievably Good

  1. Mister Mort has an eye, to be sure, in a lovely playground. And now that a tattoo parlour has replaced the pharmacy in Obz, we’ll see more threaded birds, to be surely sure. But snapping folk isnt really my game. Maybe I dont have the balls just yet. Anyway, preferamente incognito…

    There’s one sartorial bugger always tied up and tweeded, galloping uprightly around. And bergies wearing plasticbaggy boots. Black guys in hoodies. Tracksuited ladies and puffy moms and their babies. Students who look like flu, with their artificial fabrics…

    A nice project to mull over, thanks for the suggestion. What about a scratch and sniff of Colin?

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