All is not well in Lower Wrensch Road. At the back of the Old Dairy, a woman peeps out of her window…

The place has been vandalised for years. There is barely anything left except the paint, bricks and plaster.

Just up from Hartleyvale Stadium, if you feel like saying hi.

I’m sure she’d like that.

The Commercial Brushy Kind


The first of many posts on street paintcraft – I hope – because I am irresistably drawn to this stuff, especially the handpainted illustrations, brushmarks on the plaster etc.


Street painted art of the commercial brushy kind is so fucking personal, it breaks your heart. Personal choices, small mistakes on a public wall.  Galloping perspective.  Someone’s uncle or nephew who can paint, it’s all a family business.

Fuck that’s a mooi sofa!!!

Looking for Mr Right…


Eve here, attracted to something … pink. Incidentally, on the wall of the house her mum used to live in when we were a ‘courtin’.

We cruise around sometimes, the two of us.We find some funny scrawls around the place. Eve has an eye for this kind of thing.

We liked this one. We like Maanie. He scribbles away, here and there. The whole street is his exercise book.

He’s obviously got too much time on his hands.


Poor Maanie. He’s brimming with passion but has no-one to share it with… Maanie vir wie?

If you want to meet him, I can go and write your name here, next to the question mark. Maybe he’s the one?