Who is Mr Blobz?

Mr Blobz is an incredibly modest and gorgeous bloke you might want to shag recognise stealing roses that peek over Observatory fences. He is on record as saying that his life’s ambition is ‘to live in Obs’ – which means fulfillment has been reached. Why set your sights so high? It’s not hard to find satisfaction in this world.

Mr Blobz is 11 foot 4 and has biceps the size of watermelons. He is a thorough family man and abhors the finer things in life, and despises people who think they’re clever because they went to a unique holiday destination.

Mr Blobz welcomes your comments but shies away from publicity. He is devoted to cataloguing, fighting for, abusing and enjoying the beautiful and sometimes not so lovely aspects of this historic neighborhood, which is always in the embrace of change. Some of which is regrettable.

Who are you?

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